Crossfit 604 is officially celebrating it’s “1 month” milestone this Wednesday Sept.12th. We are also officially celebrating our first ever “pukey” this week via our intro WOD Crazy 8. The good times are rolling!  We have already had many memorable throw downs and are beginning to build a really great culture at the box. Thank you for all of your support  thus far and we look forward to some very exciting times ahead!

This week we will be conducting strength testing in 3 lifts- Bench Press, Overhead Press and Back Squat. This will be a 7 week strength cycle that is scheduled as follows;

Wk 1:Testing
Wk 2-5: % based strength cycle
Wk 6- Deload/Recovery week
Wk 7- Retest

This cycle has been specifically designed to help you develop more power output in major pressing and squat movements. The aim is build solid power sources in the musculature of the shoulders and hips that will translate well in the performance of your dynamic/hip driven movements (Olympic lifts, Push Press,  Push Jerk, Thrusters etc.). We are conducting 3 rep max testing (3RM) to ensure that these strength baselines are as consistent and accurate as possible. Many times an individual new to serious strength training can “fluke” out on a 1 rep max, but fails to display the strength endurance and uncompromising technique to perform 3 true-form, max effort lifts. 3RM testing is great to ensure you are gauging your current strength capacity accurately. During the testing of these lifts remember that you are aiming for 1. Perfect Technique 2. Consistency with that Technique 3. Intensity and Resistance once technique and consistency are established. Keeping these priorities in mind will ensure you can the most benefit and accuracy with this 7 week strength cycle.

This 7 week period will also include a number of other fitness baseline tests. These will all be “unknown and unknowable” to you until the night before, but fear not- They are going to be FUN.

This all being said, it is very important that everyone try and complete all their strength testing this week. If you miss a lift on a certain day, that is fine, we just advise you to complete testing for all 3 lifts prior to moving on to the strength building phase. Please talk to any coach if you will be gone during this cycle and need to schedule your strength programming around your absence.

Looking forward to your success!