Paul Fraser

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Paul Fraser

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
CrossFit Endurance

Growing up in Edmonton and Kelowna...

…my brothers and I spent the winters skiing and the summers swimming. We were active kids but I never played any organized sports except for a few years of junior high football. I used to do a lot of hiking but I was never really into anything the way I am into CrossFit. I discovered CrossFit in May 2012 after the Bootcamp I used to go to closed. My wife and I tried it together and we both thought it was great from the start. It was hard, challenging and humbling. We had never experienced such results. We were learning new skills and new ways to use our bodies plus we were getting an amazing workout. We felt great!


As I got older I started to run to keep in shape. I got to be a pretty decent runner. I was used to running for one or two hours three times a week just to maintain stamina for long distance running. So when I spent two months doing only CrossFit before my next half marathon, I was shocked to have achieved the same time as my previous attempts without the hours upon hours of running. On top of that I was getting all the other benefits such as strength and mobility that I was not getting from just running. I knew immediately that CrossFit was going to be a big part of my life. Once


I got a grasp of the fundamental movements I decided to compete in CrossFit. Since then I have participated in many competitions and look forward to competing in many more. I have been described as committed, positive and intense. Those are the same words I would use to describe my passion for CrossFit. I am constantly pushing myself to get better as an athlete and a coach. It has had a positive transfer into all other aspects of my life. CrossFit is something my wife and I continue to do together and we always will. It’s more than just an hour of the day for us. We live the lifestyle, we eat clean, we train hard and rest accordingly. I enjoy coaching because I remember what it was like when I first started out. Remembering those moments is what will drive me to be the best athlete, coach and person I can be.