What is Onramp and why do I need it?

CrossFit 604’s programming is constantly varied. Constantly varied does NOT mean constantly random. We are doing different things every day to ensure that we are always challenging our bodies and our minds, but what we are doing is very deliberate and calculated.

One of the greatest tools we have to work with is the barbell. We can do some powerful things using the barbell and it is essential to strength and functional movement development. The most important thing to remember though is that a minimum skill set is required to use it. Without this skill set you could hurt yourself, hurt the person next to you, or at the very least, pick up some bad habits that will prevent you from achieving any success with the movements.

It is for this reason that it is mandatory that every person training at CrossFit 604 has the minimum required skills before entering classes. It’s not that complicated to get rolling, anyone can do it but crucial to success. Once you complete your Onramp you will be guided through the Merge program.

Onramp is 8 private sessions that you attend before joining regular classes where you work one on one with one of our coaches to get personalized instruction on each of the barbell movements (and various other technical movements as well). We do this to ensure that you know the safest way to perform the movements, the purpose of the movements and to get you moving with great habits to ensure long-term success. Remember… practice makes permanent. Our focus is to set you on the right path from the get go so you can achieve the most success possible.  We will book your sessions that are a convenient time for you to help get the wheels rolling and start the engine running so we can move into what is next…

Merge is simply the transition from onramp sessions to regular classes. The first month is the toughest time for most people and it is crucial that you get through it to really get a hold of the CrossFit program and what it has to offer. During your last few onramp classes we are going to ask you to schedule and commit to at least 3 classes per week for your first month. Commitment is necessary for success and absolutely critical at this time for new CrossFitters.  Obviously schedule tweaks can be made along the way, but a minimum attendance will be required. We will be your accountabilabuddies, and we intend to keep you accountable!

Once you have gotten this far, there is no turning back. You will be a CrossFit machine well on your way to a better YOU. You will wonder how you could have lived life without it.