The Spring Cleaning Nutrition Challenge!

We are launching ProCoach and the Precision Nutrition System at CrossFit 604 with a challenge that will have you well on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals and sustaining them! This isn’t your typical short term nutrition challenge.

  • This isn’t about cleaning up your diet for a few weeks.
  • You won’t get a long set of rules to follow.
  • Success doesn’t rely on willpower.
  • You don’t have to weigh your food or count your calories.

The PN System is a 12 month long program that will teach you how to implement and sustain the most fundamental nutrition habits for health and fitness. These will become lifelong skills that you will always be able to turn to. Just like CrossFit, if you show up consistently and put the work in, it will lead to phenomenal transformation over time. Want to know more about the PN System?

Spring Cleaning Nutrition Challenge

With the launch of the ProCoach and PN System, we’re also excited to launch a challenge along side with it!

  • Spring Cleaning Nutrition Challenge will cover the first quarter of PN’s 12 month journey, and it’s your minimum commitment to test drive this amazing program.
  • Participation in the contest is easy: as you follow the PN curriculum, you will log in for short daily lessons and exercises, and at regular intervals you will have the opportunity to record your measurements and upload progress photos (unless you grant explicit permission otherwise, I’m the only person with access).
  • These measurements and photos are key data points that let us know if you are on track with the program, and we’ll use this same data for our challenge.
  • You don’t need to participate in the challenge to enjoy the benefits of the PN System…

A contest or challenge is meant to bring out your best effort. We want it to be an added incentive, but not everyone is wired that way. That’s totally ok. If the idea of the contest and photos, and all of that, makes you want to run and hide, relax, It’s not mandatory! You can do the PN program and opt out of the challenge, in which case the photos are also optional. Don’t let that be what stops you from getting in the best shape of your life!

Whether you participate in the challenge or not, if you sign up by March 5th, you’ll take advantage of the challenge pricing which will save you tons of cash. And, if you pay for the whole year up front, I’m personally throwing in a little surprise gift (an amazing cookbook) that will help give you a great head start.


Spring Cleaning Nutrition Challenge Pricing



Key Dates:

  • Program Launch/Info Seminar: Sunday March 5
  • Program Start: Monday March 6

20% of all registrations will be awarded to the prize pool. Details coming soon

About Morgan
My interest in nutrition has grown out my conflicting passions for both fitness and culinary indulgences. My attempts to balance these duelling loves have proven to me just how critical good nutrition is to health, wellness, and fitness. I have learned that the clichés are sadly true: abs really are made in the kitchen, and trying to out-train a bad diet just leaves you burnt out and injured. My eating habits have an undeniable and profound impact on my training, my recovery, my energy levels and my general health. My exploration and experimentation with different dietary regimes led me to pursue more formal nutritional education, as well as nutrition coaching. – Morgan Carlson

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