Why Nutrition Coaching?
  • You’ve been training hard consistently for a while now, but wonder why you don’t see the expected results in the mirror…
  • You train regularly, but struggle with energy levels during workouts, or in the middle of your workday…
  • You have a general sense of what you should eat, but life is so busy that you’re never quite able to put that knowledge into action…
  • You’ve fallen in love with CrossFit, and now you want to dial in your nutrition so you can reach your performance goals…

We all have relentless schedules and it can be a struggle to carve out space for health and fitness. The most convenient food options are rarely ideal, but we find ourselves too tired or maxed out to make a better choice, so we eat what’s easily available–or we give in to indulgences–and promise ourselves that we’ll be better tomorrow, or next week.

Make A Decision
Once we’ve decided that we are ready to make a change, how do we choose the best diet? A little research brings up so many contradictory options that we’re often left paralyzed with uncertainty.

Still, most of us have tried different diets, and some have probably been successful for a while. But when a diet stops “working”, whose fault is it? Do we lack willpower, or is the diet just too hard to sustain? Or maybe the diet worked wonders for your friend, but did nothing for you. Why is that?

The truth is you can have positive results from a wide range of diets, as long as they prescribe good nutritional principles. However, every dietary prescription or nutrition plan is merely the starting point in your own personal experiment. Your response to food is influenced by your age, gender, activity levels (both past and present), microbiome, genetics and epigenetics, and often how you eat matters as much as what you eat.

Optimize Your Nutrition
It’s worth repeating over and over. To optimize your nutrition, you have to implement a manageable series of changes, monitor your response, and make adjustments.

Unfortunately, all too often, when we find the resolve to improve our nutrition and break through our decision paralysis, we try to change everything at once, become quickly overwhelmed, and soon fall back into our old eating habits. This is exactly where nutrition coaching comes in. If it is true that 80% of our results come from 20% of our efforts, then it is my job as your nutrition coach to help you find and focus on the 20%, those key changes that will have the biggest impact, and make sure you know how to implement those changes. Then we monitor your response, adjust as needed, and add more elements once you’ve mastered the basics.

Nutrition Consultation

If you’ve been training hard consistently, but maybe don’t yet see the expected results in the mirror, or perhaps you have trouble sustaining your energy in classes or throughout the day, a Nutrition Consultation is a great and inexpensive way to understand where you are at now, and decide on the best course of action to help achieve your goals.

This one-hour session will review your diet and suggest some key changes that you can make independently to maximize your health and fitness. We can also discuss your options for a longer term nutrition coaching plan, if you are interested. Nutrition Consultations are $85.

ProCoach and the Precision Nutrition System

I have done the bulk of my formal nutrition education with Precision Nutrition, an industry leader in nutrition coaching and education. I love their non-dogmatic, evidence based approach to the hard science of nutrition, and the softer science of change psychology. For most of us, our habits are so much harder to change than our bodies. In fact, in many ways our bodies are the physical manifestation of our accumulated habits. Once you figure out how to change your habits, the body follows along. This is what makes the Precision Nutrition System so powerful. It is essentially a master class in habit change, focused specifically on the habits surrounding nutrition.

  • Using the PN System and their Procoach program, I will guide you through PN’s 12 month long habit based curriculum that will teach you how to optimize your health, body composition, and performance.
  • You will learn what, when, and how much you should eat to support your goals, all without dieting, weighing your food or counting calories. More importantly, you will learn HOW to implement that knowledge, because knowledge without execution is useless.
  • You won’t be asked to change absolutely everything at once, rather you will learn how to implement just one key habit at a time, with the habits layered strategically to build upon each other.
  • The PN curriculum is NOT a prescriptive diet, rather it is a progressive series of scalable habits that YOU get to decide how best to implement.
  • Like CrossFit, we aren’t looking for immediate perfection. Instead, we’re working on consistent daily improvement.
  • The PN system supports your dietary restrictions and food preferences whether you’re paleo or vegan, or anything in between.
  • On the surface, it might seem deceptively simple, but the PN system is tested and proven effective for thousands and thousands of people.
  • Finally if 12 months seems like a long time to commit to a nutrition program, ask yourself where you want to be a year from now, because you could be in the best shape of your life!
  • What would a year of Precision Nutrition look like for you? Click Me!


PN Nutrition Pricing Below:




A La Carte Menu

While I strongly believe that the vast majority of people would benefit greatly from PN’s 12 month program, I understand that many people require a shorter term or more selectively specific nutrition coaching option. We can build a custom nutrition coaching plan with a wide range of options, such as:

  • Macro guidance
  • Habit tracking and accountability
  • Meal and menu planning strategies
  • Fueling for performance

Our customized nutrition programs can be purchased in 5 week blocks, with a separate nutrition consultation required before your first 5 week block. During this preliminary nutrition consultation we’ll assess your current dietary habits, identify the areas where changes will bring the greatest benefit, address your obstacles to making change, and create a plan for you to follow over the next 5 weeks. We’ll also decide how to structure our follow up sessions, which will vary depending on our focus. For example, if we are working on habit tracking and accountability, we might have daily electronic check ins (text or email), weekly phone chats, and 30-60 minute biweekly sessions in person or Skype/FaceTime. On the other hand, if we’re working together to help you learn better meal and menu planning habits, we’ll start with a longer face to face session (60-90 minutes) to go over strategies and tools, and then shorter follow-up sessions to troubleshoot.


5 Week Custom Nutrition Plan – $200 

If we have already had a nutrition consultation to review your diet, and discuss your goals and challenges, and you’re looking for a short term customized coaching plan, this is your first option.

5 Week Custom Nutrition Plan (Initial Consult included)- $260

If we have not yet had our first nutrition consultation, but you already know that you want a short term customized coaching plan, buy them together and save $25!

15 Week Custom Nutrition Plan – $540

Trying to change too many things all at once is a great way to change nothing at all. This medium term option will help you create sustainable long term anchor habits, navigate obstacles to your goals, stay accountable, and make informed adjustments based on your response to the initial changes we make. Save $60 off the price of paying as you go for 3 successive 5 week plans.

15 Week Custom Nutrition Plan (Initial Consult included)- $600

If we have not yet had our first nutrition consultation, but you already know that you want a medium term customized coaching plan, buy them together and save $85 off the price of paying buying them separately.

About Morgan
My interest in nutrition has grown out my conflicting passions for both fitness and culinary indulgences. My attempts to balance these duelling loves have proven to me just how critical good nutrition is to health, wellness, and fitness. I have learned that the clichés are sadly true: abs really are made in the kitchen, and trying to out-train a bad diet just leaves you burnt out and injured. My eating habits have an undeniable and profound impact on my training, my recovery, my energy levels and my general health. My exploration and experimentation with different dietary regimes led me to pursue more formal nutritional education, as well as nutrition coaching. – Morgan Carlson

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