Don’t Clog The Line. If You Sign up… SHOW UP!

If you sign up for a class and don’t show up, you are preventing someone else from coming who could have. To keep this from happening, and making all the classes as great as they can be for everyone, we have come up with an interesting way to regulate this type of action.

  • The first time a member is a no-show on a preregistered class they will receive a polite but direct email informing them that they have been warned ;-).
  • The second time this happens, that person will be charged $5.00.
  • The third time it happens that person will be charged $10.
  • The forth time it happens that person will be charged $15… I think you see where this is going 🙂

Ultimately we hope this never happens as we want everyone to be able to enjoy all the classes they can! We will not profit from anyone being penalized. All fines collected will be put toward the next CrossFit 604 party/event/prizepool etc and thus, be given back to the members. We just want to make sure that everyone is respectful of the value of class space. We are restricting this to ensure that the quality of the CrossFit 604 experience is preserved for everyone.

Ready to register for a class?