CrossFit 604 WOD Tracking

At CrossFit 604 we spare no expense in giving our members a world class experience. One of the amazing things we provide for our members is a free digital WOD tracking system that allows you to do a multitude of things. You can do everything from tracking your workouts, comparing stats from previous results, easy reference for statistical data to use in your training and much much more.

When you sign up for your CrossFit 604 membership, you’ll instantly receive an email that provides you with a login and instructions on how to get started with your new online account. It can be used on virtually any device with an internet connection. Laptops, iPhones, Androids etc

Below is an in depth instruction manual on how to get started and give you the tools to get the most out of your account. Click the area below you wish to review. Don’t worry there’s pictures 🙂


How To Use Your CrossFit 604 Account

Adding the Web App to your device is very easy. Below is the basic steps for adding it to your iPhone:

From your mobile device, go to the link – (You will be sent this link when you sign up for your membership, along with your password)

Once there, you will be prompted to add this page to your home screen

add-to-home add-to-my-home-screen add


Once you’ve clicked through and added the Web App, it will appear on your desktop. Simply click on it and log in with your credentials!

launch login


By default, your Mac device will use Safari, however it is worth mentioning that Google Chrome does not currently allow you to save to your home screen.

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Reserve Your Class

Once you have logged into your account click “Calendar” which will take you to today’s class schedule.



After arriving on the class schedule page, simply select the class you would like to attend by clicking on it. (Remember you can book classes up to 48 hours in advance!) After selecting your class, you are brought to the  reservation window. You will be able to click “reserve” to book your class. Without an active membership, your only option is to purchase a drop in by selecting “drop in”.



You are now reserved! If you wish to cancel (and it is at least 60 minutes prior to the class starting), simply follow the exact same steps and click “Cancel”



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Entering Past Results

If you are an experienced CrossFitter, then you are likely to already have a truckload of PR’s in Hero WODs, Olympic Lifts etc. Tracking your success over time is critical to your training. You can enter your past results and let the system show you your track record, refer to previous lifts when working with percentages and more. Here’s how you enter a past result:

Once you are logged in click on the “Workouts” button on your home screen. (This is also available by clicking the top navigation button)



After clicking “Workouts” you will now be at the Workout Calendar page. This page is the backbone of the entire results tracking system. To enter a past result click “Progress & Results”. This will take you to the search page.



Once on the search page you are almost ready to enter results. Try typing “Fran” into the search bar, and the workout “Fran” will appear. Alternatively, you can browse for skills by selecting a category. (All things recorded are skills!)

In the example below, click “Category” and a drop down list of all the categories becomes available. Scroll to “Girl WODs” and you will find all the Girl WODs listed in alphabetically including”Fran”.



Finally, your moment of glory! Entering your Fran time. Click on the workout and enter your results!



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Daily Results And Leaderboards

If you perform your workout in class you do NOT have to log your results. Your CrossFit 604 coaches will take care of this for you each and every class. It is nice however to see a snapshot of your month to see what kind of training schedule you’ve been on, if you have had any PRs (personal bests) or to see how others are performing. Below is a lesson on how to see how you are doing and to see how your classmates are doing.

Once you are logged in, click “Workouts” from the home page (this is available for the navigation menu also)

navigation-and-workouts navigation-window


This takes us to the Workout Calendar. This is the backbone of our tracking system. Days on the calendar are color coded to help you track your activity:

  • Green: Results are logged for this day.
  • Red: You attended on this day, but did not log results.
  • Yellow: Your gym has posted upcoming workouts.
  • Trophy: You logged a PR for one of your WODs or Lifts. Nice!

Click “Today’s Leaders” To get a good look at today.



Once you have clicked “Today’s Leaders” you can really dig into the day. You can select View to see the details of the WOD, Log to enter your own score (if you perhaps did it elsewhere) or lastly, you can click the Leaders. This gives you all the scores of the day, for all the workouts for all those that participated. Where do you stack up? Find out here.

daily-results the-wod log


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Profile & Account Management

You can do pretty much everything with your profile. You can book your classes, check previous workout results, add new results, check out leaderboards and so on…  but you can also do things like check out your attendance, update your billing info and personalize your profile by adding a cool photo (or not so cool if you prefer ;-))  Once you are logged in, click “My Profile” from the home page (this is available from the navigation menu also).

my-profile my-profile-nav-menu


You can see your active memberships at the top of your profile. You can also click on your photo to change/add your photo.



You can check your last 30 days of attendances.



You can even pay your bills and update your credit card.

finances pay-bills update-billing-info


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