DATE – Friday May 23rd


Warm-up: Quick dynamic lengths & Partner banded sprints (3 sets of 1 forward, 1 backwards each – Black/Green)

Dowel dislocates and quick deadlift and hang power snatch tech session


Mobility: Posterior chain floss


WOD A) Wendler Deadlift  (Week 1, Cycle 2)(17 min)

*Remember to inflate your 1RM Deadlift by 10lbs

**% for this cycle will be based off of 90% of your 1RM. This will be referred to as your “training max”. For example, if your 1 rep max Back Squat is 100lb then you will use 90lb to calculate your working %


Warm-up sets:

3-4 building sets from 40-60%

*Rest 60s between warm-ups sets


Working sets:

1×5 @ 65%

1×5 @ 75%

1×5+ (ME set) @ 85%


*Rest 2-3 min between working sets

**Go hard on the ME set but stop when you feel like the next rep will cause your technique to breakdown. Always leave one rep in the tank on the last set, no failed reps.


(5-7 mins to practice / warm-up the HPS)


WOD B) Partner WOD: Complete 10 rounds for time. Alternate complete rounds with your partner (5 rounds each)

8 x Hang Power Snatch (Adv: 115/75, Int: 95/65, Beg: 75/55 or less)

12 x Toes to bar (sub: v-up or tuck-up)