Sunday Oly/Strength/WOD


Warmup) 3 Rounds, alt. with partner (approx. 8-10 mins):

Partner A) 1 min Row

Partner B) Squat Prep: hip circles, front&lateral lunges, groin openers etc. (address your own issues)


Mobility) Banded bully and pec/overhead stretch 30-40 secs per position


WOD A) 3-Position Snatch: 25 mins to work up to a challenging but perfect weight and perform 3-4 sets there

Adv: Floor-Mid-High

Beg/Int: High-Mid-Floor


WOD B) Overhead Squat: 5 reps E2MOM x 5 sets (10 mins) – all sets at the same weight; heavy but perfect


WOD C) 3 alt. sets, rest as needed:

C1) Pendlay Row: 6 reps @41X1 tempo – heavy as possible

C2) Banded Situp: 15-20 reps with a heavy band – no abmat, feet anchored