Having Trouble?

Are you having trouble using our website? It does happen from time to time, but it is almost always because of one of the following user issues:

Payment Failure – We accept Visa and MasterCard. If your payment fails, the description in the payment failure email will tell you why – Sometimes it’s an invalid number (entered incorrectly), sometimes it’s someone trying to use a card that we don’t accept, or sometimes the users bank will flag the transaction and decline it.  You may need to contact your bank if they declined payment and confirm that the transaction is valid.

Browser – Chrome, Firefox and Safari are the browsers that our website supports. Be sure third party cookies are enabled on your browser. It’s a very easy setting to adjust in your preferences panel of your browser. Simply do a google search on how to do it for your current browser for the most up to date instructions. Internet Explorer will NOT work so don’t waste your time.

Third Party Cookies – Third party cookies MUST be enabled on your device in order for our website to work. See under “Browser” above on how to resolve this issue.

We do NOT accept reservations over the phone, or without payment. If you want to arrive without a reservation and pay cash, you can do this provided there is space in the class. If the class is full you will not be permitted to join the class. We are a busy gym and every class has the chance that it may sell out from time to time, so we always recommend a reservation.

If you have an issue that is not listed above, feel free to contact us for assistance.