CrossFit 604 Gymnastics Clinics

Featuring Louise 'Lulu' Eberts

CrossFit 604 is proud to announce the upcoming schedule for the ever popular Gymnastics Clinics with Guru Louise Eberts! Louise is one of the most sought after gymnastics coaches in Western Canada and coaches some of CrossFit’s top competitors. Our clinics will range from complete beginner to gymnastics pro and everything in between.


Level One Purchase

  • Tuesday Nov 7, 14, 21, 28th at 8:30pm

    The Level One class is based on building strength and working on the foundations for all of the gymnastics skills that we see in daily workouts. This fall session will focus on pullups, toes to bar, rope climbs, handstands and ring work. It is incredible to see how fast participants in this course progress throughout the four weeks. There is no pre-requisite to enter into the Level One class.

Level Two Purchase

  • Wednesday Nov 8, 15, 22, 29th at 8:30pm

    The Level Two class is based on perfecting and advancing the foundational skills learned in the Level One class. This fall session will focus on efficiency in linking kipping pull ups, ring dips, toes to bar and handstand push ups. We will work on perfecting rope climbs; learn progressions for handstand walking and ring muscle ups. Participants will be introduced to safe spotting techniques for all of the skills mentioned above.

    The pre-requisites to enter into Level Two:

    • strict pull ups
    • an understanding of kipping pull ups/beatswings
    • kick to handstand without assistance against a wall

Level Three Purchase

  • Thursday Nov 9, 16, 23, 30th at 8:30pm

The Level Three class is based on learning and perfecting higher level gymnastics skills with a focus on attaining these movements for competitions. This fall session participants will work on; chest to bar pull ups, legless rope climb technique, introduction to butterfly pull ups, bar/ring muscle ups and handstands. This class is one that many athletes take several times throughout the year as it enables them to consistently work on their gymnastics in a fun and supportive class environment. Participants will continue to learn and perfect safe spotting techniques for all of the skills mentioned above.

The pre-requisite to enter into Level Three:

  • 3-5 unbroken strict pull ups
  • 3-5 strict ring dips *Kipping ctb pull ups
  • kipping handstand push ups
Terms And Conditions
Limited spots available.
  • Classes will be capped at 15 students to ensure quality.
  • Purchase price includes the 4 sessions listed on the registration page of the event you choose.
  • No substitutions, refunds or transfer of sessions.
  • If you sign up for this event, you are committing to all 4 sessions and will not be reimbursed if you miss any of the sessions.
  • The cost for all 4 sessions for CrossFit 604 Members is $60 ($15 per session – log in to access this price)
  • The cost for all 4 sessions for visitors is $120 ($30 per session)
  • Registration (First come first serve)
  • Minimum requirement of 10 athletes registered to run clinic. CrossFit 604 reserves the right to cancel or merge clinics together if registration is low.

To register for one of the current Gymnastics Courses available, click on the applicable date on the calendar below

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More About Louise…

CrossFit came to me a little bit later on...

Throughout my journey of sports and movement, I have also done a lot of different activities/sports in my years. I started with dance at 3, which continued until I was 16. I was in gymnastics at a provincial and national level from age 7 until 13, then track and cheerleading from 14-18. I learned how to skateboard when I was 17 and that transferred over to the snow and I was obsessed with snowboarding from 19-27, I was sponsored and it was everything to me.


When I was 28 I made a big move to Montreal and for the first time in my life I had no sport, I left my snowboard sponsors and was feeling pretty lost. I tried triathlons for a bit but it was not my thing and then I found CrossFit. When I went for my first workout I was cocky and thought that my friend who pushed me to go was making way to big of a deal about this BARFING after you workout thing, I almost didn’t make it through the warm up. I was hooked. CrossFit gave me the same feeling I got when I was hiking a ridge line with my snowboard strapped to my back pack, that burning, scary and addicting feeling of sweat, loss of breath and pain. I LOVED IT. Read More