Getting Started

For some people, the idea of CrossFit can be a little intimidating. But fear not, CrossFit is for everyone.  The most important first step for someone new to CrossFit is to ensure that you start with proper instruction on correct movement. We find that people with the proper introduction to the movements are able to get momentum faster, achieve better results, keep safe from unnecessary injury, and are more successful in achieving their goals… (not to mention they have more fun!) So how do you begin? Read on…

Try It First

You can give CrossFit 604 a test drive…  We offer a free private consultation one on one with one of our trainers.

This is structured for newcomers to come in and get a solid idea of what CrossFit is all about. You can ask questions, see the gym, meet some of the trainers and most importantly, see why we are the best at what we do. Register now or just pop in and say hi. Visit our CrossFit gym located downtown Vancouver.

New To CrossFit

If you are new to CrossFit you will be scheduled into 8 private classes (referred to as “onramp”) to teach you all key movements prior to jumping into the regular group classes. This introduction will allow you the best opportunity to enter the regular CrossFit classes well equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you. Prices for newcomers include Onramp. Come and visit us at our Crossfit gym located downtown Vancouver.

More About Onramp

Onramp is 8 private sessions that you attend before joining regular classes where you work one on one with one of our coaches to get personalized instruction on each of the barbell movements (and various other technical movements as well). We do this to ensure that you know the safest way to perform the movements, the purpose of the movements and to get you moving with great habits to ensure long-term success. Remember… practice makes permanent. Our focus is to set you on the right path from the get go so you can achieve the most success possible.  Sessions are booked at your convenience.

What Do I Bring?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes to work out in. Additionally you will likely want to bring water with you. Should you wish to shower after class please also bring a towel and any other shower supplies you may want. You can look at Today’s WOD to see what the workout will be and determine if you need anything special for the class (like long socks on rope climb days!) If you don’t have workout gear or water the CrossFit 604 store has a wide variety of items available for purchase.

Additional Private Training

Additional private training sessions can be purchased for those looking for some extra attention. The sessions can be purchased in bundles to save some money, or you can do small group sessions for even more savings (maximum 4 people per session). You can come in at your earliest convenience, and attend as many of our private training sessions as you need with a very direct and personally crafted approach. If you’re new to CrossFit you will do a minimum of 8 sessions that will prepare you for all the movements and concepts that will be thrown at you in the regular classes. Our pricing allows you to roll in the cost of private training into your monthly memberships to help ease the upfront cost. Come and visit us at our Crossfit gym located downtown Vancouver.

Need More Info?

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