If you ever wake up in the morning with back pain, think tight psoas. Kelly Starrett has some great tips to help this. Check it out below:


Flexible Legion,

Welcome to episode 4!
Today we are going to delve back into hip extension with a bit more focus on the big hip flexors that attach to the spine. Be clear, we are still going after hip extension, but we are
de-emphasizing the musculature of the front of the thigh and we are going a bit higher.
If you are that guy that wakes up in the morning with a sore back, this could be you.
We can’t stretch the psoas directly, but we can bias it with specific movements.
Test: Split Jerk Position with arms up in overhead position.
Wod: 4 min mobilization on each hip
Retest: Split jerk with arms up over your head
Bonus: 2 min to mobilize the thing you think you should be addressing but aren’t.
Caveat: Be cool. Keep your spine in neutral when applying the fulcrum. We never really need to hammer the spine to affect some other downstream tissue.
Homework: Sit in a chair at work and try to understand why we cue the quads to straighten the legs when doing a glute ham sit-up. And, try to begin to understand why sitting in a chair all day is the slow death.
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and more below from Kstar:

Test: Kettle bell overhead position. Like they would judge you in the games. Note how you much you overextend.
Mob: 2 min each Glute with the ball.
1 min each Psoas
3 min each hip messing about in the cross legged hip mob.
Retest: Hollow rock positioning? It’s the same as overhead btw.

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Homework: What is the TFL? What big muscles attach to the Iliotibial band–ITband.


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