READ BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE: Reservations are required for drop ins. Not all classes accept drop ins. If you are qualified to drop in, and have read our Drop In Rules, you can purchase your drop in below. There are no refunds, so be sure you reserve a class that you know you can attend. Buy Now 

Having Trouble? 

***You must have 3 months CrossFit experience to drop in at our gym***

****Once you have purchased your drop in, proceed to the calendar to book your class. Classes may be booked up to 36 hours in advance of the class. Having Trouble?

If You Are New To CrossFit

If you have never done CrossFit please register for a Free Consultation. You will not be permitted to drop into regular classes

Drop In Rules
  • You must have 3 months CrossFit experience to drop in.
  • There are NO REFUNDS on drop ins.
  • If you purchase a drop in and are not qualified, you will not be permitted to enter the class and NO refund will be given.
  • If you are not sure if you are qualified, please don’t hesitate to speak to us first.
  • You can book your spot 36 hours before class time by clicking on the class you wish to attend.
  • A waiver MUST be signed before attending a class.
  • Classes will be booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • Reservations are REQUIRED
  • There is a 1 hour minimum cancellation required for classes.
  • Failure to cancel within 1 hour of the class start time will result in a forfeit of Drop In Fee.
  • Cancelling a session in time does not give you a refund, only a credit for future use.
  • Any abuse of sale priced drop ins will result in a $25 admin fee charged to your credit card
  • All Standard CrossFit classes have class caps. View available spaces here
  • NO reservations over the phone
  • Class sizes will be strictly enforced!

Private Lifting Stations

Experienced lifters will have the opportunity to reserve a lifting station to work to their hearts desire. It’s basically your own private platform with all the top of the line equipment needed to get the job done! (If you are an experienced CrossFitter, you can also upgrade your membership to include this service). Drop ins for lifting rack reservations are $25 per hourDo You Even Lift Bro?

To drop in to one of our lifting rack reservations, please click the time you’d like to purchase in the calendar below:
Being able to load a bar with solid competition plates (so you can fit more weight on) and being able to drop that weight without fear of the bar unpredictably bouncing all over the place is important to any serious lifter. We provide top of the line equipment so you can do what you need to do.
Offering Unlimited Reservations is worthless if you don’t offer enough convenient times in your schedule. CrossFit 604 has over 50 slots in the schedule per week. Lift how you want when you want!
  • This service is ONLY available to experienced lifters
  • You will not be coached and must be competent in the lifts you are working on
  • A barbell assessment may be required before you are eligible for this program
  • Your activities must not interfere with any classes happening at the same time
  • Your work MUST take place in the lifting station you reserved
  • You can book a lifting station 48 hours in advance via the online calendar
  • No-show and late cancellation policies apply
  • Your reservation entitles you to one hour on one of the lifting stations
  • You can mobilize before and after in the warm up area
  • Only one person per lifting station

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