At CrossFit 604 we spare no expense in giving our members a world class experience. One of the amazing things we provide for our members is a free App that allows you to do a multitude of things. You can do everything from reserving classes, checking to see who will be in your class, tracking the results of your workouts and much much more.

When you sign up for your CrossFit 604 membership, you’ll instantly receive an email that provides you with a login and instructions on how to get started with your new online account and App. It can be used on virtually any device with an internet connection. Laptops, iPhones, Androids etc

Below is an in depth instruction manual on how to get started and give you the tools to get the most out of your account. Click the area below you wish to review. Don’t worry there’s pictures 🙂

How To Get Your CrossFit 604 App

Downloading the app to your device is easy and free. The app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Once the App is downloaded to your device, simply log in with your CrossFit 604 account.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Reserve And Cancel Classes

Reserving classes could not be easier! Simply click the “reserve” button next to your desired class time (image 1) and the screen will say “Reserved”. That’s it! If you want more info about the class, simply click the class and the class details will open up (image 2). If you need to cancel your class (provided you are giving 1 hour minimum notice), simply click on the “Cancel Reservation” button at the bottom of the details screen. See who else is coming by clicking on the list of classmates (image 3)


Enter Your Results

Entering your results usually happens at the end of the class, and is entered by the coach. That being said, if you had to run out before giving your score, or did your work at another gym, you can still enter your results and track your progress. To enter a score simply follow the steps below:

Click the red Z icon at the top left of your screen which will open your menu (image 1). Click on the “Workouts” button to open todays workout (image 2). Scroll down and click the “+Log Results” button (image 3). Enter your results and click save (image 4).



Checking the leaderboard is easy. You can see how you stack up against the rest of the CrossFit 604 community simply by opening your menu by clicking the red Z icon and then click on the workouts button (image 1). This will bring you to todays workout. Simply scroll to the bottom and click the “Leaderboard” button (image 3). This will open the leaderboard screen where you can compare men, women or overall.


Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile allows you to see your account information, choose a nickname that will be displayed on the leaderboard and more. Simply click the red “Z” icon to open your menu (image 1) and then click “Profile” to open your profile page (image 2)

app-menu edit-my-profile

Personal Records (PRs)

The CrossFit 604 App allows you to look up previous records, track progress etc. Simply click the red “Z” icon to open your menu (image 1) and then click Workouts. This will bring you to todays workout where you will see a “History” link at the top right of the screen (image 2). Once you click the History Button you are ready to search for a movement or workout (image 3). You can even select a category to narrow down your search (image 4). Once you have searched and selected the movement you wish to review, you can dig into the data and see all your previous results! (image 5). You can even see the likes and comments that others have made on your result (image 6).

app-menutodays-wodsearch-for-previous select-1rm

view-my-history-of-BS make-a-comment

Notifications, Likes And Comments

When you look around at leaderboards, and other members results etc, you can click the like button, leave a comment etc. And of course if people like or comment on your results, you will be alerted in the notifications section. Find the notifications in the main menu after pressing the “Z” icon in the top left of your screen (image 1). If you click on any of the notifications, it opens up the result so you can see the whole message (image 3)


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