Hi Jason,
This first week has definitely been tough.¬† Hard on the ego as well, I’m in pretty rough shape ūüôā
But you guys are awesome, by far the best CF coaching I have ever received.¬† I¬†spend about 6 hours a week in a hot yoga room…I have a great teacher there named Dan, he uses a metaphor that I quite like:¬† The posture is like a puzzle and our bodies the puzzle peices.¬† The emphasis is¬†rooted in¬†body placement and movement/breathing with intention.¬† It has had a¬†huge impact on my crossfitting.¬† Not that it has improved my overall weights, times etc., but it has¬†increased my body awareness.¬† In yoga we use mirrors, so we can visually see where we need to improve (shift the puzzle peices) ¬†and make adjustments accordingly, at crossfit this is not the case.¬† Sometimes it is really hard to tell if something is askew in the midst of a lift or WOD, but¬†you and the other coaches at 604 are¬†an amazing set of eyes.¬†¬†Your coaching style is engaged, and encouraging…you guys don’t miss a beat and I appreciate it.
This is my third crossfit box and I have¬†NEVER¬†had such foundationally strong coaching.¬† I was worried coming in that it wouold take me year to get back to where I was…this will not be the case.¬† I know it will be baby steps but already after three wods I am¬†feeling differences in my body and I know I will reach my CF goals quicker than I imagined.
Thanks again



Thanks Brianne, We are so happy to receive emails like this! Cheers to your dedication to CrossFit!