The Birth of CrossFit 604… I want to tell you a little bit about our CrossFit organization but before I do, I want to tell you why  we started our own CrossFit box. In my previous job, I was fortunate enough to do a lot of traveling. I was already addicted to CrossFit so my travel plans always included a WOD or two at the nearest box in whatever country I was in. As a result I was able to take in so many different experiences, good and bad, that I felt like I had become an expert in what a CrossFit gym should be doing. (after all, I am a little arrogant! LOL). We worked hard to find the best gym in our neck of the woods, and soon came to realize that if we wanted a gym that had it all, we were going to have to do it ourselves. This, of course, meant we’d have to quit our jobs and risk everything. We didn’t have the guts to make a decision like that. It was just a dream. A goofy silly dream. But as the months passed we kept getting drawn closer to the idea… and it made us want it more.

As much as we wanted it though, we weren’t ready to dive in head first. We needed a sign… a defining moment when we knew that we had to do it…and it came in the shape of a fortune cookie… seriously!

We were in Miami in 2011 on business and we obviously had to do some CrossFit while we were there. The local box that we visited was so amazing, that it blew our minds. It was so much fun (and of course punishing), that after the WOD we decided to indulge and go to PF Chang’s around the corner! (Yes, I know I really shouldn’t be eating at PF Chang’s, but that’s another story). After stuffing myself stupid, I opened the fortune cookie (and yes, I know I shouldn’t be eating fortune cookies either ;-)). The text on that greasy little piece of paper hit me like a bus.

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

It was a defining moment in life. OK, enough about my fortune cookie…

Now to tell you about our coaches.