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People with the proper introduction to the movements are able to get momentum faster, achieve better results and are more successful in achieving their goals…



Programming is one of our top priorities. We believe in programming that pushes you hard, but also allows for proper recovery. Constantly varied does not mean constantly random!

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We offer 3 different ways for you to accomplish this. All achieve a similar result, but are drastically different. Come see for yourself what makes us the best at what we do!



We have a lot going on at CrossFit 604. As such, we want to share as much of the fun as we can. We post galleries to showcase our athletes accomplishments. Enjoy!

April 24 2014



Warmup) 2 Rounds:


8-10 Leg Swings each direction/leg

8-10 Banded Side Steps each direction/forward&back

8-10 Glute Bridge w/2-3 second pause

5 KB RDL’s each leg – KB Can be in either hand or both if needed for balance. Slow and controlled

20-30 secs Flutter Kick


WOD A) (18-20 mins) Wendler Deadlift: % for this cycle will be based off of 90% of your 1RM. This will be referred to as your “training max”. For example, if your 1 rep max Deadlift is 100lb then you will use 90lb to calculate your working %


Warmup sets:

1×5 @ 40-45%

1×5 @ 45-50%

1×3 @ 50-55%


Working sets:

1×5 reps @65%

1×5 reps @75%

1×5+ Max Effort set @85%

*Rest 2-3 mins between working sets

**Go hard on the ME set but stop when you feel like the next rep will cause your technique to breakdown


WOD B) 3 Rounds not for time (12 mins to complete):

10-12 Barbell Good Mornings @2010 tempo – use a weight that is challenging but will stay unbroken (go no lower than 90 degrees)

8-10 Single Leg Glute Bridges per side @30X1 tempo – add weight with a plate, KB or slamball if needed

8-12 Hanging Straight Leg Raises, parallel to ground @21X1 tempo – NO KIP. Modify to bent knees if needed. Set doesn’t have to be unbroken


WOD C) 10x200m Run Alt. with a partner (5 sets each)

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