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People with the proper introduction to the movements are able to get momentum faster, achieve better results and are more successful in achieving their goals…



Programming is one of our top priorities. We believe in programming that pushes you hard, but also allows for proper recovery. Constantly varied does not mean constantly random!

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We have a lot going on at CrossFit 604. As such, we want to share as much of the fun as we can. We post galleries to showcase our athletes accomplishments. Enjoy!

Oct 23 2014




Pre squat hip openers

2 Rounds:

8-10 lateral raises, front raises, bent over flies, W’s with light plates or db’s

15 Overhead squats with PVC or barbell


WOD A) 15 mins to build to a max 3-position snatch

*experienced lifters: floor – above knee – hi hang (work on speed under the bar while fatigued)

*newer lifters: hi-hang – above knee – below knee or floor (work on consistency through each position)


WOD B) Deficit sumo deadlifts: 3 reps EMOM x 10 @ 60-65% (1-2” deficit if technique / flexibility allows)


WOD C) 2-3 Rounds NFT:

30 secs weighted plank

6-8 GH raises

2-3 Iron Scap exercises per round

3-2-1- GO!

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